Adventures of a Backyard Photographer

Amateur Photographer of 30+ years with a sense of adventure and documentary style.¬† I moved from film to digital starting with basic Nikon Coolpix cameras in 2004 and then onto Coolpix Prosumer cameras. A few years later I moved into Nikon DSLR’s. I have a few Nikkor prime lenses and favor My Nikkor 300mm f4 telephoto.

My images whether scanned film, slides, prints or digital are edited only with traditional darkroom type techniques; basic burning/dodging, contrast, focus and color saturation adjustments along with color to black & white and sepia conversions only (there are a few exceptions). No layers, no cloning. In others words I don’t do PhotoShop. I use Nikon NX as an editing tool.

My Infrared images are all taken with a Nikon D70S that I modified myself by removing the IR cutoff filter from the sensor with an R72 filter on the lens. The images are heavily edited by swapping the red channel to blue then finished with a black & white conversion and usually a high contrast adjustment or sepia effect is added.

Many years of blood, sweat and tears went into the images on my website. That also includes the work it took to bring this website into existence. I knew nothing about domains, hosting website development, etc. It took me a week to figure it all out enough to populate this theme template with my images and bring it online. Thanks for stopping in and enjoy the show!


chris updegrave's self portrait

Floormat wormseye-veiw Self Portrait in my 1987 Toyota Pickup, Vernonia Oregon 2006

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